A little more about EVE & its Founder

Meet Qiana Jackson, founder of Exemplary Vision Events, also known as EVE. Being a Chicago native herself, she is fully aware that the big city has a wide variety of options. After all, it is called the "Second City." As such, Qiana has dedicated her time to perfect EVE's structure to better suit the needs of her clients. Not only does she exude the utmost professionalism, she does it effectively and efficiently - with keen integrity. Her experience with event planning predates her nursing degree and was, (and will remain) one of her top priorities and passions. She continues to upkeep her knowledge within the industry to ensure the latest trends, brands, price drops and more. You can count on her dedication and close to perfectionism to come through in your most stressful time of need. Enjoy the fruits of her labor during your special life-changing event.

"I have hobbies too, you know...."

Qiana began DIYs and event planning long before the new - aged trends. When Qiana was in high school, she would handcraft and customize very elegant decor for baby showers, engagements and social gatherings -- often times praised by her peers and adults. It was all fun, until she became the "go to" person for all of her family and friends' events. This hobby grew into a craft, later becoming her passion. It was in that moment that she decided to share her gift with others.

However, it doesn't end with her exemplary event planning services and phenomenal eye for decor. When she is not planning events, Qiana is also an amazing nurse, veteran and mother.

During her free time, she can be found curled up with a good book or perhaps, enjoying painting, crafting, traveling and spending time with family and friends.

"It's not just business, it's personal...."

Our goal is to provide a seamless, personalized, stress-free day that allows you to focus on enjoying and living within your very special moment with ease and finesse. Your dream day is just one click away. Why not treat yourself to the luxury of focusing on yourself, while EVE and its team focuses on the millions of moving parts surrounding your special day.

Another mission of EVE is to ensure, assure and give each client a peace of mind. Rest assured that no matter how complex that you envision your special day, EVE will exceed expectations. Each client envisions their very own unique experience. It is EVE's promise to ensure that very vision is brought to life with ease and finesse.

We are fully aware of the panic, anxiety and stressors attached, and we takle each and every one of those issues. We never present issues without solutions and we always vow to give 110% to each and every event. Tasks, such as researching venues, finding vendors, blending colors are not a hassle or worry for any of our clients ever.

You give us your terms, your vision and it is our bountiful obligation to give a 110% in the manifestation of your criteria, vision and dream. This is simply said, an exemplary experience. Relax, focus on you, focus on all of the small enjoyments normally over-sighted due to the tasks involved. Schedule a consultation today. We would be absolutely thrilled to add you to the long list of satisfied clients. See you soon!